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A New Addition

Hi! I'm new to the class of 2008! I'm a transfer student from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. I live just outside Toronto, Ontario and I am going to major in Civil Engineering at Columbia. I was wondering if you guys had any tips or suggestions on where to live, what to bring, etc. Any inside information you can toss my way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.
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Hey! Welcome to Columbia! <-- click the links on the left side to see the different dorms. I'm not sure how many options they give to transfers (cause most people have already selected housing, so I think it might depends where rooms open up when people cancel housing, etc.) McBain is the most common dorm for sophomores & it's supposed to be very social, although some ppl think it's too noisy, not nice, etc, but if you want to meet a lot of ppl, it would probably be good. You'd probably have to have a roommate as a soph. cause sophs. get the worst housing.

I don't think you'd need to bring that many different things from what you brought to college last year. Anyway if you have any questions or want to talk to anyone in Columbia 08, feel free to AIM me @ MoonLytStarDust. =)
I'm not used to living in normal dorms though. I kind of skipped out on that experience last year because I was in a hotel residence, so we all had private bathrooms and double beds. The whole communal shower might take some getting used to.

Where are you living next year? Or do you guys not find out until later?
Next year=Ruggles. I want to transfer though. =/ Most people should know where they are living unless they were waitlisted (because housing ran out so they put the remaining people on the waitlist to be given rooms when people who are going abroad/don't want housing/etc. cancel).

The only different stuff I can think of that you'd need would be flipflops, a robe, & a shower caddy for showering. Maybe a laptop lock if you'd be concerned about a roommate leaving the door open (although personally I/other ppl definitely left doors open & no one I know of had anything stolen).

No one really has any trouble getting alcohol. You really wouldn't know the drinking age is 21, so don't worry about it.
Welcome to the Class of 2008!!!! You are going to have SO much fun! Just know that you are in for some long nights of work and play ;)
Haha, I got a good mix of nightlife and studylife in Montreal. I'm not looking forward to being underage though. I was legal last year in Montreal (18) and I'm just about legal at home in Toronto (19) so this whole 21 thing might be tiresome at first. I'll just have to pick up a solid fake, then it will be back to normal. Good times to come, I'm sure.


June 24 2005, 18:15:58 UTC 12 years ago

Welcome! Transfers, unfortunately, get screwed on housing so you'll probably have to be happy with leftovers, if you even get a room. Oh well, you'll survive! Columbia is cool. Be ready to work hard and play hard. The working part, especially, if you want to do well in Engineering. Also if you got scholarships because they're dependent on maintaining a good gpa. Living in the city is good most of the time. There are downsides, though, and although our campus is beautiful, this really isn't the best part of town. But as with other things, you'll survive! The most important thing to bring? Tons of money because everything in the city is more expensive than you could possibly imagine! ;)
I have a quick, possibly weird question. Do you know Emma Medjuck? she went to my high school and I know she goes to McGill and I feel like she lived in a dorm that used to be a hotel... but I could be wrong. Anyways, welcome to CU, I think these guys did a good job covering everything. Engineering isn't that hard (cs major), just don't expect to have as easy a time getting good grades as your columbia college friends. But it's a good time.
No, I don't know her, sorry. But I lived in the hotel dorm too, so I'd probably know her face. But there were 650 kids in that dorm so names were pretty much out...
hey! lol i know this is like... a long time after ur post lol but i don't get around to checking my communities too often...
but hey! welcome to New York!! one of my best friends is at McGill and he loves it there...

dorms aren't that bad, it all depends on where you end up. which is kinda iffy for a transfer... if u'd like, i have a friend who transfered last year to the c/o 2007, perhaps he could give you some pointers, or my other friend at McGill, he's visited me a few times so I guess he could give his opinion on stuff around here...

either way -- :) welcome to Columbia!!
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