bananamouse (bananamouse) wrote in columbia2008,

Housing Next Year!!

I posted this on the Columbia lj, but I thought I'd post here as well with a few modifications: if anyone, even someone who's not living in Nussbaum but has a room not too bad(Nussbaum is really really nice) and might want to consider swapping, please respond!

If anyone is living in Nussbaum (600 West 113th) next year, my roommate and I (rising sophomores) are currently in room 10-D4 and are looking to swap rooms within the building. There is nothing wrong with our room, it's really nice, has hardwood floors, approx 180 square feet, nice view, and the floor was rennovated last summer so everything's's just that we're sharing a bathroom with two guys (a bathroom is shared between our two doubles) and our parents have asked us to try and change that by swapping rooms. So: if any rising sophomore (you have to be in the same class to swap, I think) doesn't mind sharing a bathroom btwn 4 people/changing rooms (or knows anyone who might want to swap and could put us in contact w/ them), please respond to this post! Thanks so much.
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