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Columbia University

Class of 2008

Columbia University Class of 2008
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Welcome, fellow Columbians!

I created this community specifically for the class of 2008 (in case you didn't get that already), so that we could maybe get to know eachother a bit before even setting foot on campus, and share the joy of being a part of this amazing institution ;)

Everyone is allowed to join though, as long as the discussion is related to Columbia University or Columbia's class of 2008. I won't be a nazi about off-topic posts, but keep the digressions to a minimum, yeah? :)

To kind of kick things off, it would be nice if you introduce yourselves. You know, the typical a/s/l stuff, really... whatever you feel comfortable with sharing, which will help us to get to know you better.

CONGRATULATIONS to all those accepted into Columbia's class of 2008, and hope to see you all in the fall! :)

// Nick (your gracious moderator)

Happy posting!